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HADLEY Clear Gameday Messenger Bag

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CHECK OUT THE NEW and IMPROVED HADLEY Clear Bag!  Enjoy the fresh edits on the original Hadley Clear Gameday Bag with its' new enlarged size, updated box link gold chain strap and ticket pocket across the back. The NEW TPU material, is crystal clear, so much softer, yet retains its shape, seams are now on the inside and no crinkling on the edges! I’ve shown it here with the chain strap doubled to carry as a shoulder bag for a fresh look and versatility! I’m so excited about this, hope you love it!

DIMENSIONS:  9.5"H x 8"W x 2.5"D


**STYLE TIP:  For added flair on Gameday, swap the gold strap and add on your TC woven team spirit strap in 1.25” or 2” or TC beaded spirit strap!  Then select a "Gleaux Girl" sequin  or “Harper” beaded  privacy pouch to conceal and contain your items in your bag and have a more polished, spirited look!

I have recently learned, clear bags can get cloudy over time due to oxidation, think of how sterling silver turns black and you have to use a polish to make it bright and shiny again! I have tried different remedies I have seen through google but have discovered NOVUS 2 is the best remedy used with a micro fiber cloth! You can purchase on Amazon for $10 bottle. I have also purchased small packets through the company and include one with each clear bag purchase. After you apply polish and rub inside and out, use a clean part of the cloth to buff it out and finishes up great!!!