About Us

As they say in the South, “football is not just a sport, it’s a religion.”

The fanaticism that surrounds college football in the South is the high point of the fall, if you ask me. Spending Saturdays tailgating at LSU and cheering on the Tigers in Death Valley is a tradition I have been a part of for as long as I can remember.

After graduating from LSU, I worked in fashion, luxury goods and the jewelry industry in Dallas, New Orleans and Houston.  However, I knew I had a "passion calling" looming over me...

During a Saints game, the Fall of 2007, as I watched fellow fans donning Saints jerseys and logo’d tees, a light bulb went off. I realized there was a huge void in the women’s sports apparel marketplace. Tru Colors was created as the solution by offering a line of clothing that is fashion forward and trend-right; essentially fusing women’s contemporary fashion and team colors. The Tru Colors customer wants to show their team spirit in a savvy way!  TC has pioneered this effort by offering cool, stylish and chic GAMEDAY options for any age!  This niche has been created to outfit the fun, fashion savvy student, alumni and supporter who wants to cheer on her team, look great or even impress her date!

Tru Colors was put into motion in 2007, was launched and ready to ship in August 2008. Each style is named after a beloved sorority sister or girlfriend. All styles are made with pride in the USA and retail $65 and under.  Produced in knit fabrications, TC is perfect for our hot southern climate and those daylong tailgating extravaganzas!

In addition to College GAME DAY, enhance your school image while promoting a sense of pride and community with custom designs! Fund raising opportunities available for elementary schools, high schools, spirit groups, sororities, cheer/dance camps!

A little about me...

Throughout the journey of life we are constantly evolving and growing.  Over time, we eventually discover what makes us "tick".  We all want to feel full of life, full of love, share kindness and create memories.  As a very passionate person, what makes me totally tick right off the bat are my crazy workouts, putting a smile on someone's face, cooking these uber healthy dishes with no recipe and hoping it's tasty!  Always fueled by fashion, culture, nature and outdoors, connecting people, friends and bright ideas!  I love music and and a good laugh!  But most importantly, my husband, family and at the top of my list is my spiritual life.  Whatever His path is...that's where I want to be!!  Trying to stay diligently on His path, here I am... after graduating LSU I spent a very fulfilling 11 years in Dallas, 8 1/2 years in New Orleans and now here in Houston where I've been organically thrown back into my "passion project"!

My mission is to celebrate this favorite time of year we call FOOTBALL SEASON!  Enjoy that crisp feel and change of season in the air!  Unite with friends and family in the spirit of the game, your team, your colors!  Color takes on a whole new meaning this time of year and I want to make TRU COLORS, as part of AMESLAYNE, representative of the passion and unity to connect and be a part!  We, the fans make the game go round, be honest...would there really be a game with no fans?  SO be the fan, enjoy and allow me to become your GAME DAY resource!