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Alright ladies! This one has been a long time coming!  I've been working on finding the perfect fabric for this one!  I wanted it to be so fun and versatile, FUN for any occasion! Think birthday party, bachelorette party, girls weekend in VEGAS, New Orleans or Nashville or even your own backyard!  This is a larger sequin than I typically use and is holographic so it changes color with the light and picks up hues of white, pink, silver, gold, lilac, baby blue and bronze!  I just LOVE it, hope you do too! Lets CELEBRATE!!

There is also a kids version in this jacket, a perfect mommy and me moment awaits!! Recently I was swirled into the SWIFTIE craze with partnership Taylor Swift ticket giveaways plus a GJWHF jacket , 2 in Pittsburgh , 2 in Minneapolis, parties in Cincinatti and a Taylor Swift Sing a Long Brunch in Denver with local news feature + jacket giveaway!!!